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Love? Been there, done that, spent the night in jail. So yeah, love can bite me.

I fell, but I picked myself up and moved on. Now, I’m exactly where I want to be—living a perfectly, uncomplicated life… until my little brother gets mixed up with the cartel and I'm forced to do the unimaginable to protect my family.

I’m about to sell my soul and Aiden Briggs, the callous, hot as hell DEA agent, might be the only man willing to take down the devil.

Life and heartbreak taught me women are just as deadly as they are beautiful. I never lie to get what I want, and no woman warms my bed more than once.


So, when I find myself wrapped up in the hot mess known as Celeste Martinez, I keep my emotions locked down like Fort Knox. Or so I thought.

She has this innate ability to get under my skin, igniting something I wasn’t sure existed.

Taking down the cartel was part of the plan... falling for her wasn't.


I was so consumed by this amazing book.

– Goodreads Reviewer

I honestly had no idea that a book could be extremely serious but really freaking funny too.

– Goodreads Reviewer

Fate Series Book 2

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Are you ready for the fall?

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